Vacancy Notice Abis Group Office Support Manager Administrative/Finance Assistant

Place of employment: Abis Group - ICAO – Montreal QC, Canada
Deadline for application:
24 January 2023

Fostering sustainability through innovation

Austria’s ambitious goal to make aviation climate-neutral by 2040 requires huge technological developments. The Renewable Energy Expansion Act provides the legal framework and is part...

Safety nets: an in-house continuous development

This time of year, a lot of people will be flying to and from their holiday destination. skeyes is one of the many actors who...

Just culture in civil aviation

The concept of just culture has been known for a while in civil aviation. International standards on investigation of accidents, as defined by ICAO, stipulate...

IAA North Atlantic Communication Centre

Ireland was at the centre of the development of transatlantic aviation in the early to mid-part of the 20th century and continues to play a...

Implementing European drone rules

The introduction of EU Regulation 2019/947 - how a variety of tools have helped the smooth implementation of the new drone rules in Luxembourg