ICAO 41st Assembly

The ICAO Assemb​ly is the Organization’s sovereign body.  It meets at least once every three years and is convened by ICAO’s governing body, the Council

ICAO Candidacy Tour Austria

Introduction of candidate of Austria for the Council elections at ICAO by Elisabeth Landrichter, Director General Civil Aviation

Austria’s candidature for the 2022 ICAO Council elections

The Republic of Austria is honoured to introduce the Austrian candidate for the ICAO Council election 2022, Christian Schleifer. 

Christian is an aviation enthusiast and...

Research for climate-friendly aviation

The European SOLIFLY research project led by AIT Austrian Institute of Technology develops multifunctional aircraft components with structural and electrical energy storage capabilities

New agreement between the Netherlands aerospace industry and airbus for sustainable aviation research

Dutch companies, from SMEs to large companies, have a strong position worldwide as innovative producers or suppliers for the aerospace and defense industry.

Abis Group reaches ruby status

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented global challenges. It has a devastating impact om people’s lives and businesses, including international air transport. Yet during these...