Civil aviation is of outstanding importance for Switzerland as a business location. It ensures Switzerland's connection to Europe and the world. With an economic output of almost CHF 10 billion (direct and indirect effects) and over 50,000 full-time jobs, it makes a significant contribution to Switzerland's prosperity.

The aim of Swiss aviation policy is to create framework conditions that will allow Switzerland to maintain its international air links and satisfy the needs of air travel to and from Switzerland. The protection needs of the population and travelers must be met. It is our aim to ensure that the need for training, rescue, supply and working flights can be met.

Swiss aviation should be operated sustainably. It should have a high level of safety by international standards, generate economic benefits, satisfy the mobility needs of the population and, as far as possible, avoid harmful effects on people and nature. Early coordination between the effects of aircraft noise and settlement development should ensure long-term coexistence between the airfields and the surrounding user interests.