Research For Climate-Friendly Aviation

The European SOLIFLY research project led by AIT Austrian Institute of Technology develops multifunctional aircraft components with structural and electrical energy storage capabilities

New agreement between the Netherlands aerospace industry and airbus for sustainable aviation research

Dutch companies, from SMEs to large companies, have a strong position worldwide as innovative producers or suppliers for the aerospace and defense industry.

Abis Group reaches ruby status

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented global challenges. It has a devastating impact om people’s lives and businesses, including international air transport. Yet during these uncertain times of loss and loneliness, anxiety and sadness, it also important to mark the occasions on which we have reason to rejoice. So with that in mind, we are proud to announce that the Abis Group recently celebrated 40 years of friendship and collaboration.

Investing in Sustainable Aviation Fuel in the Netherlands

In May 2019, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines announced that it has committed itself for a 10-year period to the development and purchase of 75,000 tonnes of sustainable aviation fuel a year. KLM is the first airline in the world to invest in sustainable aviation fuel on this scale. SkyNRG, global market leader for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), will develop Europe’s first dedicated plant for the production of SAF in Delfzijl in the north-east of the Netherlands.

New ANC Commissioner for Abis

In January 2019, the Abis office in Montreal welcomed Albano Coutinho from Portugal as incoming member of the Air Navigation Commission (ANC) for Abis. The ANC is tasked by the ICAO Council to manage the technical work programme of ICAO. It has a strong focus on measures to maintain and improve aviation safety and air navigation efficiency. The Commission is composed of nineteen members who are highly qualified and have significant experience in civil aviation. Although ANC Commissioners are nominated by specific ICAO Member States, they do not represent the interest of any particular state or

Helena Faleiro on her ICAO Council membership

Helena Faleiro, Portugal, ICAO Council member for the Abis group 2013-2016:

Silvia Gehrer on her ICAO Council membership

Silvia Gehrer, Austria, ICAO Council member for the Abis group 2004-2007: