2024 ICAO Innovation Fair

The theme of the three day event was: "Digital Aviation: The Future is Now." Representatives from international organizations, the United Nations, and non-governmental organizations alike had a chance to engaged in meaningful dialogue about aviation innovation. Discussions were taking place concerning how to improve systems, procedures, and organizational structure. ICAO graciously welcomed guests from startups and research centers to come together and exchange experiences in attempting to innovate in the industry.

Mr Coutinho's last ANC meeting

Mr Albano Coutinho was attending his last Abis meeting as former Air Navigation Commissioner (ANC), which took place in his hometown of Porto. In January 2019, the Abis office in Montreal welcomed Albano Coutinho, nominated by Portugal, as incoming member of the ANC for the Abis group.

Aviation Strategy 2040+

Climate-friendly and future-oriented aviation – An implementation strategy within the framework of the Mobility Master Plan Cover "Aviation Strategy 2040+"

Fostering sustainability through innovation

Austria’s ambitious goal to make aviation climate-neutral by 2040 requires huge technological developments. The Renewable Energy Expansion Act provides the legal framework and is part of a legislative package by the European Union. It supports activities to combat climate change. To achieve these goals, Austria relies on research, innovation and technology.

Safety nets: an in-house continuous development

This time of year, a lot of people will be flying to and from their holiday destination. skeyes is one of the many actors who watch over their safety when they are enjoying precious moments away with their family or friends. One of the tools that skeyes uses to offer a smooth flight are the safety nets.

Just culture in civil aviation

The concept of just culture has been known for a while in civil aviation. International standards on investigation of accidents, as defined by ICAO, stipulate that the main purpose of accident investigation is to prevent future accidents or incidents and never to create a presumption of blame or liability.

IAA North Atlantic Communication Centre

Ireland was at the centre of the development of transatlantic aviation in the early to mid-part of the 20th century and continues to play a key role in the safe and efficient management of air traffic on the North Atlantic.

Implementing European drone rules

The introduction of EU Regulation 2019/947 - how a variety of tools have helped the smooth implementation of the new drone rules in Luxembourg

Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre

EUROCONTROL’s Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) is the only multinational civil-military air navigation service provider in Europe. Its story began 50 years ago and since then MUAC has helped introduce some of the industry’s most innovative breakthroughs to cope with growing operational density, complexity and environmental challenges.

Technological Free Zones (ZLTS)

Technological innovation is a main contributing factor to advancing efficiency in the civil aviation sector including key elements like safety of operations and air navigation.